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Dan is a registered physiotherapist focusing on pain education and management. He is the only physio trained as part of the pain revolution group in the region.

Dan also has considerable experience in sports related injury management as well as providing general physio assessment and treatment.


About Dan...

Dan grew up on a dairy farm 10km north of the rural town of Barham in the South West Riverina NSW.

Dan’s world was turned upside down when at age 16 he lost the majority of his eyesight due to a rare genetic condition.

After dealing with the initial shock and devastation and with support, Dan slowly learnt to cope and continue with his study and his love of sports.

After finishing year 12 Dan pursued a career in Physiotherapy and after completing his degree now runs a private practice in central Albury.

Apart from general and sports physiotherapy, Dan has a special interest is physio for the disabled and has recently studied and focused on pain management and education.

Image of Dan and Bear on park bench at norieul
Dan and his Guide Dog 'Bear'

Latest News

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A Charles Sturt graduate’s inspiring story ahead of World Physiotherapy Day

Ahead of World Physiotherapy Day, Daniel Searle shares how the most challenging experience of his life – losing the majority of his vision at 16 years old – led him to forge a career as a health professional and find great passion in helping others.

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Cross Border Access

Even though the current border lockdown is making life more interesting for all of us, rest assured I am still open for business and can provide treatment for patients on both sides of the border.

As a patient you are entitled to request a permit on medical grounds and I can provide you with an authorisation document.  Just ask !


I’m extremely pleased to announce that I have re-opened my clinic.  

Initially I will open one day per week (Tuesdays) but as time continues and the health risks reduce I will increase these days hopefully being back to fully open by the end of the year.

As always, you can book online or by calling me anytime on 0437 327 469.  Thanks again for your continued support and I look forward to seeing you soon.