If you have private health extras cover, DVA card or you are covered by NSW or VIC accident insurance or are on a Medicare treatment plan your ‘out of pocket costs’ will be reduced by the rebate amount.  Bulk billing by arrangement.

Provider number: 4886895F

Telehealth Consultation (Phone/Video)30 minsFree
Telehealth Follow up Consultation (Phone/Video)30 mins$55
Clinic Initial Consultation45 mins$75
Clinic Follow up Consultation45 mins$75
Pain Management Clinic Consultation45 mins$75
Sports Taping (includes tape)15 mins$25 - $30
Sports Taping during consultationadditional (on top of consult fee)$5 - $10
Telehealth Initial30FREE
Telehealth Follow up30$55
Clinic Initial45$75
Clinic Follow up45$75
Pain Management45$75
Sports Taping15$25-$30
Sports Taping at consult-$5-$10